HAYNESonFIRE is a medium by which its founder, Patrick Haynes, endeavors to advance traditional Judeo-Christian values, strong Conservative principles and the concept of American Exceptionalism.

Like so many formerly-passive citizens, Haynes has become FED UP with watching his Country, and society in general, succumb to the forces of secularism, political correctness and liberalism – all to the detriment of liberty, personal self-determination and accordingly, the very purpose of the United States of America as intended by its Founders.

Patrick Haynes believes a very sizable corps of similarly-inclined citizen Patriots exists across this great nation, eager to take up arms, figuratively and even literally if necessary, to reclaim America.   HAYNESonFIRE seeks to be beacon of hope and reason, a venue for action and the very spark by which this firestorm is lit.

Pretentious?  Perhaps.  Ambitious?  Without question!   But fellow Patriots, if not us, who?  If not now, when?

 Let us be dangerous!